Cross of the Son of God

Near the cross
They watched and waited.
Some laughed, some cried,
One’s eyes were opened and he saw
The Son of God.

Beside the cross
They hung and laboured,
One’s last minutes bitter, the other’s hopeful,
Calling out to be saved, by
The Son of God.

At the cross
They kept vigil and received,
Her sorrow profound, his sadness sincere,
The gift of a son, the gift of a mother, from
The Son of God.

On the cross
He bled and suffered,
Heart pierced, soul pained,
Pouring out love, offering forgiveness,
The Son of God.

In the cross
We hope and live.
For its pain, He won glory,
For its death, life, as He triumphed,
The Son of God.

written for Spotlight (September 2013)


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